Toastmaster – Release 1.1.3

This has been a tidy up release with the preparation of a common data set for all the new widgets and shortcodes being planned.

A new location widget will show the location details including a map on the sidebar. The event page used to show this automatically, but that has been removed giving the club control of exactly what appears on the right sidebar.

The sidebar for the events and for other pages is different. If you add the location widget on a page that does not have event information on it, then the location shown will be your default location.

So, if you have an Xmas party, you will now be able to add the location information to the event and have it displayed on the sidebar.

More widgets and shortcodes are planned, so if there is something you think we should have then make your suggestion.

Features not applicable are being removed from the customizer. We will add more of our features in there in the future releases.

Toastmasters – Release 1.1.2

We have released version 1.0.2 which is now ready for installation of other clubs. We are providing free hosting for clubs that wish to use the theme to give us better control on updates as we are releasing code weekly and some changes may break features of sites, so we can monitor and fix that as we go.

A meeting Widget now allows a list of upcoming meetings for the club to be shown. You can select the number of events you wish to show.

When you want to add a new event you have the option to duplicate an event and therefore start with previous event information, rather than starting with a blank page.

Release Social Links version 1.0.5

Today we released the latest version of social links.

This was not really a planned release, but we spotted a bug when using one of our themes, and then read an interesting article about web page Embeds. This is the same concept that allows you to put the URL of a youtube video and it is replaced by a video player.

New Embeds Feature in WordPress 4.4

This is the article and notice that it displays as an embed information card, when all I put in the editor was the URL. I decided that this would look great for my sites links. However, I found that it needed some code to achieve this. For security reasons the list of sites that work is limited. So, with a couple of hours research and work. he social links plugin will allow you to add links to your own site and have them displayed as embed cards.

Just like this…

Release Social Links version 1.0.5

Except that is you have a featured image, it will appear above too!

Fix menu to the top

When visitors start to scroll through your content, you often find the menu disappears off the screen. This then requires used to scroll back to the top to find it again.

One easy way to keep them looking for more content is to fix this to the top of the screen. You can easily do this with some CSS like

.mymenu {
position: fixed;
top: 0;

However, you don’t really want to lose your layout options for where you menu sits, just that it takes a place at the top of the screen when the user scrolls. Fortunately, you can have the best of both worlds, using a bit of jQuery.

We can check on the scroll and if the user has scrolled a certain distance, apply the style that fixes the content to the top of the visible screen. Then, a quick bit of code to remove this CSS when they come back to the top.

$(window).scroll(function() {
if ($(document).scrollTop() > 70) {
} else {


First Public Release of TwoMin Plugin

Often we find that problems with themes and websites can be fixed with a short line of javascript or a well-placed piece of CSS.

The only issue is how you can deliver that on your site. Not everyone has the skills or the confidence to just paste code straight into their theme.

This is why we wrote the twomin plugin. It allows admins to find a solution for CSS or JScript using their browser inspector, and then to apply that on their site for their eyes only.

When they are happy the fix works as wanted, the code can be delivered to everyone through the plugin.

Once everyone is happy that no further issues have ben caused, the code can then be incorporated into the theme.

The twomin plugin allows you to add CSS and javascript code to either the admin sections or public pages of your WordPress site.

First Release of Custom Login Plugin

Today we are pleased to announce the release of our first commercial WordPress plugin. This is a custom login plugin, which we have had in many versions for use with our own sites, and customer sites.

So many themes ignore the login page. This may be because it does not work the same way as other template pages, but does offer quite a few options.

We originally decided on the plugin to resolve some security fears.  After that, we saw the opportunity to improve the look of the page with a custom logo and background.

The plugin has also been a chance to us to create a standard template of routines and controls which will now be used in the other plugin ideas that we are already working on. These are plugins which are not direct replacements for products already out in the market but to add new functionality to plugins which have never been exactly up to the requirements that we have had for ourselves and customers.

We are offering the plugin to be sold through the Envato marketplace. We have made many purchases from there and recommended many products for our customers. So, we think it would be a great place to offer our own products.