First Release of Custom Login Plugin

Today we are pleased to announce the release of our first commercial WordPress plugin. This is a custom login plugin, which we have had in many versions for use with our own sites, and customer sites.

So many themes ignore the login page. This may be because it does not work the same way as other template pages, but does offer quite a few options.

We originally decided on the plugin to resolve some security fears.  After that, we saw the opportunity to improve the look of the page with a custom logo and background.

The plugin has also been a chance to us to create a standard template of routines and controls which will now be used in the other plugin ideas that we are already working on. These are plugins which are not direct replacements for products already out in the market but to add new functionality to plugins which have never been exactly up to the requirements that we have had for ourselves and customers.

We are offering the plugin to be sold through the Envato marketplace. We have made many purchases from there and recommended many products for our customers. So, we think it would be a great place to offer our own products.