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It is no longer just good enough to have a web site. You must have

  • Compelling Landing pages
  • High-quality content with great graphics and video
  • Work flawlessly on Mobile
  • Be part of a sales process, not just a shop window
  • Be able to an analyse, strategize and improve your marketing
  • Have a future and not require regular re-writes

The release of many page builders has made great-looking content possible even on small budgets, but too many people are using the mega page builders and templates which are designed to look good but create bad code and can be hard to convert – they make sites that are slow and clunky.

The quality of plugins to look great in these new page layouts is also very poor. Plugin designers have not worked on the delivery of their content and now all look very dated.

Many people are being encouraged to landing page software, which gives them a new big expense and a couple of sales pages. This then leaves their main website looking even more dated and uncared for.

It is no surprise that so many people feel compelled to continue to increase spending to make use of Landing Page software, email marketing systems and suddenly the budget grows from under £30/month to more like £300 a month.

Most sales do not come from first contact. People may catch an add, but they will probably want to see a few emails, have a look at your website, watch an informative video and see a few social media posts before they make the purchase. If any of these are missing then you have a problem.

We took a different view on this. We help our customers build a whole system approach. We wanted to create small, efficient, custom websites and code to be fast, efficient and with no waste.

However, we don’t have the time and our customers the budget to create big coding projects from scratch.

Instead, we have a set of starter themes and plugins with all the main features that you could need to make use of. Indeed, we even have a course that programmers can take to learn these systems and code their own!

All the basic plugins work and perform as they are, but then we make them invisible. We customise the output to fit in with the design and layout of your website. We add new fields and options where required and delete those not.