Custom Login AppCetera Plugin

This plugin is an enhancement offering custom options on the standard Wp-login Page. It offers all the WordPress Features to customise, plus some extra options.  It works well with other login plugins such as the Ithemes security plugin, google Authenticator, Better WordPress reCAPTCHA and Clef Plugin, for adding security to your login experience.

The Features of the plugin are shown in 4 tabs.
Pressing save changes will update the information on all the tabs


We use the WordPress Logo by default. You can upload an image into the media library and use your own logo for the page. Using the WordPress Media Manager, you can also scale and crop the image to make the best.

The logo will automatically be resized to the width of the login box which defaults at 340px



You can select a specific background colour for the login page using our colour drop down box. This also allows you to add transparency to the colour but is not so relevant here with nothing behind it.

Background Image

You can also upload an image into your media library, and make that the background of the page. The background image will be stretched to fit the entire background. Again the media library options for crop and scale are available. The image will be stretched if required for bigger screens.


We have the option to select a youtube video to use as the background of your login page. Take note that we have turned off the sound and will stretch the video to the width of the login screen, but keep in proportion the height. So, you may see some black bars to the top and bottom of the screen on some screen setups.

There is a stop video button that is shown on the screen for users to stop the youtube video playing. You are also given a minimum screen size. When the login is used on a screen smaller than this width, like mobile devices, the video will not be used. In these cases, we will fall back to the background image and colour you selected. Youtube may also block the video from playing on some devices.

More advanced users might wish to use the hosted video background using amazon s3. You will need to upload a video to Amazon S3 or similar and need both mp4 and webm versions for correct use. The video will stretch to the entire screen and may distort.

featuresLogin Page Features

There are a number of features that can be changed on the WordPress Login Page. We have also enhanced these features. These are all available on this features page.

“Lost password” link


We can remove the link to stop people see and using it, or change the text of the link to your own personal message. Putting in your message will stop any internationalisation of the experience.

“Back to” link

back-toYou can remove this link completely, so that it is not displayed, or change the text to your own personal message. Putting in your message will stop any internationalisation of the experience.

Login error message

error-messageYou can remove the text of the message, or replace it with a generic error message. This will then give less information on the type of mistake made when trying to login to the site. Some people have said that the standard error messages give too much information to try and help users, but at the expense of informing the hackers. Which is why we added this feature. You can replace with one simple message.

Remove login error page shake

When an error is made on login, the login box is made to ‘shake’. This option can be turned off.

Set “Remember Me” to checked

remember-meMany people prefer to keep this checked to remember them. However, think about all people who login to the site. If any use shared devices, they may not want this option checked by default. Otherwise those devices will remember them as logged in unless they specifically logout at the end of their session.

example-pageLogin Box

We have added the options to change the style of the box to make it fit in with your theme and background.

You can change colours of text, the box, the button and even add a border.

Login Form

You can change the width of the form and the background colour. Including the option of adding some transparency to the box, so that the background can be seen through. We suggest values greater then 0.8, but some layouts look great when there is no background. The background to the input boxes is not affected.

Login Border

You can add a border to the box and specify the colour, width and round any or all the corners. The style of single line, dotted, dashed, or double line is available


You can change the colour and text size of the label text and the text typed in the boxes.

Login Button

You can change the colour of the text and the button, both when the button is shown and when the mouse is over the button, which is know as the ‘hover’ state.

Additional Message

You can change the text colour and background of the “back to” and “need help” links. if you do not want a background then select a full transparency.


The help tab has a link to this product website, an overview video and a 4 part training video.