Twomin AppCetera plugin

This Plugin was written to support the “two-minute tips” on our sister site, the – Download your copy here

In a series of two-minute tips on customising your WordPress Installation, we found that many were simple CSS or javascript snippets. We needed a simple way to show these, and so we wrote this plugin.

Granted there are a few other similar plugins available, but we did not find any others that had all these features

  • You can restrict the action to admins only.
    • Therefore the CSS or Jscript can be checked before all other users see the effect. You are testing on the live site without others knowing. CSS and Jscript should not be able to ‘break’ a site.
  • You can control what pages use the code
    • Limit just for the front page, useful where a CSS class or id is used throughout the site, yet you want to limit your change to the one page.
  • Allows custom CSS to the admin pages
    • Is the category box too small for your long list of woo commerce categories? – some simple CSS makes it bigger. You can create CSS and Jscript just for the admin pages
  • Looking to be able to add more CSS and target pages more creatively?
    • Yes, we are looking at a more powerful version, extending past simple CSS and JScript.  However, for best site performance you should consider adding these features into your theme.

Plugin Features.


You can chose whether your code will be applied to the front page, a single page, single post, home page or archive page.

CSS Editor

cssWith helpful hints from code view. Enter your CSS code as it would be used in a style sheet. Of cope snippet provided from elsewhere.

I just copy the working code from my browser code editor.

The colour code on the characters are to help you with your syntax. Incomplete Elements and values are colored red till it is  recognised and then change colour. This also makes it easier to read the code.

When returned in the web page, these are not coloured.

JScript Editor

jscriptHints from code view, you can just paste in your Jquery code, we can even write out the jquery document ready code for you.

These elements are also coloured to help with keeping your syntax correct.