Who are we?

Appcetera is the brand name for the WordPress Plugins, Themes, Apps and Cloud Software that we develop to support our main projects of “The WP Business Club” and “EXPERTS WHO…”

Many times when creating marketing systems, we find there are holes between those applications offered by the big boys. That is where you will often find we have written apps to fill the void.

We never want to re-invent the wheel. If there are good marketing systems and plugins that do a good job, we will use them. However, if we find major flaws in the apps or their usage, then we have the advantage that we can sit down and write our own!

In fact, we even do a little teaching of Plugin Development to share our experiences!

The big advantage that this knowledge brings is that we can discuss and develop marketing systems at a deeper level and bring insights that are not available to the standard marketer.

Over time we have created a family of plugins that cover the main features of WordPress. We can then use these as a template to roll out custom plugins very quickly, easily and specific to the needs of the client.